Here Kitty Kitty October 6th!

Thank you Mia Darien for starting and coordinating this project. And thank you for asking me to contribute. The proceeds of this short story collection will go to an exotic feline rescue centre in Indiana. The website is I would encourage you to visit the site (and if you can the sanctuary!) where you can find information and photos of the beautiful animals who will benefit from your purchase of this anthology.

Mysterious wild animals have always captivated human imaginations. So to be able to acquire a collection of short romance stories involving characters who have a very literal ‘wild’ side, that’s just a whole heap of fun.

The quality of the contributing authors is outstanding. A. Star (aka Diantha Jones), Dariel Raye, Mia Darien, Abigail Owen, and BR Kingsolver know what they are doing when it comes to paranormal romance. I’m so happy to be contributing to the well being of the gorgeous big cats at the Exotic Feline Rescue Centre. And I cannot wait to read the other stories! So go on….Here Kitty Kitty Oct 6th.

By jmnauthor3000

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