Here Kitty Kitty!

It’s out!  Available on your Kindle or in paperback.  It’s a collection of short stories, all paranormal romance, all shifters…

The authors include:

Mia Darien

Dariel Raye

Diantha Jones

Abigail Owen

BR Kingsolver

Jessica Nicholls (that’s me)

Soon – (very soon) I’m going to be reviewing other stories written by these authors –

Because they are all impressive paranormal romance writers, I’ve enjoyed reading their work and I’d love to share why. 

I love overanalyzing and obsessing over stuff.  Paranormal romance is a whole heap of fun to overanalyze and obsess over. 

So have a look at Here Kitty Kitty, get a taste for some good romantic shape shifter story telling.  And along the way – you will be donating to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Indiana.  Check them out here: 

By jmnauthor3000

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