Reviews of other work by the Here Kitty Kitty Authors

Hello out there

I thought I would post this link to the Masquerade Crew site (one of the managers of which happens to be Diantha Jones).  Seeing as I was the only unpublished author in the group and I had rather enjoyed other stories by the Here Kitty Kitty authors, this is what I did:

I did a little review of other stories by BR Kingsolver, Mia Darien, Diantha Jones, Abigail Owen, and Dariel Raye.    To be honest I wouldn’t have offered to do this if I hadn’t enjoyed thier work.   I’m not a fan of mean reviews, even though I do recognise the need for criticism.  If it needs to be said it needs to be said.   But I enjoyed doing this, yes because I’m nice and I knew the books were good.

But you know….the authors were all ‘oh that’s so nice of you!’ and thankful but for me it was a guilty pleasure you know?

Yeah of course I was like ‘oh no! Don’t make me read really good paranormal/sci fi romance and then talk about it! *gasp*’  Hehehehehe…..

Anyway – have a look at my reviews and also poke around on that Masquerade Crew site.  It’s cool.


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