Reaching Out


Reaching Out coming 12th of May!

The fantastic author, organiser and editor Mia Darien wanted to do another charity anthology!  The consistent theme in the short stories is romance involving rescue workers or military.

Here are some details about the chosen charity, the American Red Cross.

Before I started writing, I spent a great deal of time on their website. .  I was familiar with the organisation.  But I was moved by the stories and videos. It’s worth looking at all of their programmes, the chance to donate blood, training courses, and opportunities to volunteer.

The Red Cross performs varying roles.  But their ultimate purpose is relief. Relief for anyone, anywhere who is in need of help or assistance after a trauma. They provide support and care for families and individuals who find themselves in a situation they didn’t expect.

They are like a warm blanket suddenly wrapped around the shoulders of a shivering person who’d been convinced they were alone.  They are a kind voice saying you are not alone, I’m here and I will help you. That’s their purpose.

So being asked to write a little short story and have all moneys go directly to the American Red Cross is an absolute joy.

Here is a little intro to the other writers:

Abigail Owen: Cross My Heart. Abigail is rather deft with romance.  Her published work mainly involves the paranormal (shape shifters, characters with magical powers, it’s all very fun).

Mia Darien: Hope. Mia swaps genres a lot. But whenever love is in her stories, it’s a real treat.  There tends to be a great deal of emotion and connection between any characters she puts together.

Crystal G. Smith: Lesson Learned. Crystal likes to come up with characters that have been through traumas, and then find themselves in deeply romantic situations.  She’s no stranger to using themes of rescue and redemption.

 I’m really excited to see how all of them used the military/rescue worker theme.   For these authors, and me, we do tend to make use of the paranormal or fantasy. But for this collection, withholding ‘the magic’ was one of the stipulations.

The focus of inspiration had to be on immediate emotions.  Feeling vulnerable and in need, after being through something so real and devastating.  Also how it is to know someone needs help, and how you can, well reach out to them.

I did spend a lot of time on the Red Cross website.  I also read a lot about post-traumatic stress, addiction and I read a few memoirs of soldiers.  I did some research about training to become a physical therapist.   Here’s hoping I did justice to my characters!

Jessica Nicholls: A Healing Touch. My story is about a soldier returning from Afghanistan with physical as well as mental ailments.  He meets a physical therapy student, who challenges his initial instincts to isolate himself and seek relief with chemicals.

Love is a powerful thing.  Of course these stories focus on romantic love, which is awesome for the entertainment factor 😉  But showing love to people by being that needed support and relief is something the Red Cross specialises in.  I feel a collection of romance stories to show some love to the Red Cross is more than appropriate.

I really can’t wait to read the finished product of Reaching Out!  May 12th.