Good Things….


Brace yourself.  This is the nasty side of me speaking.  The lousy, self-absorbed side.

And I am going to talk about *eyes rolling*…#kindness.  Yes, I just hash tagged #kindness.  Like a pretentious, self-congratulatory jerk.

Because it’s so freaking easy to be nice.

Random Acts of Kindness Charity was co-founded by one of the actors starring in the show, Supernatural.

I’d heard of the show.  I don’t like television.  Most of it I find mediocre at best.  Full of people who might be on the attractive and quirky side but who generally deliver substandard self-indulgent crap.  Granted part of that is the fault of the writers, but I like to be mean to good looking people who want to be successful and famous.

I don’t like shows about people dying in hospitals, or being murdered, or laughing about the every day things we don’t realize are so funny (Apparently.  I mean I’m not convinced). I’m not hugely into sports.  Reality television disgusts me on a level I can’t quite describe.  The news is usually biased or frustrating or sad.

I haven’t designated any dedicated viewing time to a TV show since the BBC put out Desperate Romantics back in 2009.

Before that I’d say it was when there was a remake of Dark Shadows going on in the early 1990s.  Yes I have since had a look at the original 1960s series but my eleven year old self thought Ben Cross did a fine job.

The other eleven year old girls I screamed at to leave me alone so I could watch it at a slumber party in 1991 didn’t share my enthusiasm.

I took my obsessions seriously.   None of your bubble gum crap.

At any rate, I would like to thank Mia Darien for introducing me to the joys of Supernatural.

Thank you Mia.  Um, and while we are at it…thank you for asking me to participate in another one of your anthologies, as well as all the editing and cover art work you do.

I wanted to come up with a post that would amount to something along the lines of…

’look at how negative the world is, people are always being awful to each other, how about we try being kind to one another?’ 

Bla bla bla.

You know, like that.  Only without being so utterly predictable and saccharine.    But I’m struggling.  Just like I’m struggling to be *wave of nausea approaching * #kind and generally #positive.

Sometimes it feels good to be a bit negative. Sometimes the pull to be unkind, to do the wrong thing is enticing. Or at the very least, it’s easier.  To be selfish and not care about other people.

Take right now for example.  I want to wrap myself up in a big fleecy, black blanket and play with the imaginary friends in my head.

I like being alone.  Or drunk.  Or asleep.  Whatever.  As long as I don’t have to face anything bothersome.

Like life or the real world.

Sometimes I want everyone to bugger off who doesn’t care for shows like Supernatural so that I can binge watch, without judgement or interference,  to my self-centered little heart’s content.

However the credits will eventually role or I will wake or sober up.


There’s the real world with its bad news and unfortunate people.  There is that empty, empty feeling inside of me again.

The one that is only filled with….*cringe*…love and interaction and stuff.  The void inside that is only satisfied by connecting with other human souls.  The void that calls us to contribute something positive and good to the world.  Ugh.

I’d rather read about ghosts.


Fortunately, it is actually possible to merge paranormal fantasy related entertainment and being a kind, loving person.  It….*swallowing nervously*…*feeling uncomfortable*…. actually is.

I dare you to have a look at The Random Acts website.  I…*eye roll* experienced this foreign warmth and emotion upon reading some of the sweet, kindhearted actions random folks thought of doing for others.


It made me realize I’m not alone when I feel all gloomy.  When I want to shut everyone and everything out.   I’m not the only one who wants to do that from time to time.

Which surprised me because isn’t that the whole point of being a selfish jerk?  My nasty side’s general idea that everyone else is either sickeningly happy or…not as good as me….or well…evil.

It came as a bit of a shock that I’m not alone in feeling horrible.  Huh…how about that. Other folks have to fight their nasty sides.  Other people have problems.  Wow.

At any rate, if you are like me and you like reading about vampires, wolves, ghosts, gods and magic, or basically #UrbanFantasy then…

It will be possible to purchase Good Things for your e-reader as well as order a paperback on August 18th, 2016 via Amazon.

Lousy me, or in fact any of the nasty sides of the other authors won’t earn a single penny.

Random Acts of Kindness will.

Because, it’s okay to want to do good things. 

An impartial ear.  A non judgmental hug.  A brief reprieve from loneliness.  A compliment.  A cookie.

Because whether you’re a pretentious self congratulatory jerk, a greek goddess, a vampire or you know, just a nice person…

A good thing is a good thing.

Link to Good Things on Amazon (out August 18th).

Link to Random Acts of Kindness site.

Other charity anthologies I’ve been involved in:   I’m not all bad.  Not really.  Actually if you’ve been kind enough to read my blog post this far, I should tell you at this point that I’m actually a nice person and it’s cool if you dig other television shows or even reality tv.

I don’t think other people are evil.

And those girls from 1991 still talk to me.

Here Kitty Kitty (The Exotic Feline Rescue Center),

Reaching Out (The American Red Cross),

Bellator (Wounded Warrior Project),

Amor Vincit Omnia (Breast Cancer Charity).

By jmnauthor3000