Urban Fantasy Short Stories Meets Kindness Promotion.


Ten authors have given their time and talent to write an #UrbanFantasy short story for the Good Things anthology.

The multi-genre loving Mia Darien has chosen the writers well, (completely disregarding myself).  The contributors’ back catalogues involve, fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, mythology and romance stories (both short and novel length).

She also chose the Random Acts of Kindness organization to be the charity receiving all author profits.

The Good Things anthology is not official merchandise of the charity, however they were very gracious in accepting our form of donation.

Here is a list of each story’s blurb, title and author.  It will be available for Kindle ereader as well as paperback via Amazon.  My story’s blurb is last.

If you wish to know my inspiration and the background behind my story you can keep reading.  If not?  Just have a little peek at the following blurbs and ignore my ramblings afterwards.

Here are the blurbs, followed by their titles and authors:

When a century-old treaty with a rival pack is broken for the sake of forbidden love, the alpha heir of the Wesley pack, Kane, is deposed and his unwilling cousin, Xavier, ascends in his place. But when Roman Diallo, the king of the werewolves, makes mention of the rising danger to all lycans, Xavier must quickly take control of his destiny for the survival of his entire kind.

“Alpha Ascension” (A Wesley Werewolves Story) by A. Star

The deal you made with Death was clear: Your memory of me in exchange for my life. But Death is never so kind, and what we had was not enough.

“For You” (The Letters #2) by Angela B. Chrysler

If it’s not easy being a telepathic, it’s even harder to give away the bride when that bride is your ex. But the things we do for love can go above and beyond what anyone would ask for.

“What We Do for Love” by J. Kim McLean

Broken dreams, an ancient enigma tainted by the past, a mystical bond beyond time and space.

“Outreach: Part One” (An Orlosian Warriors Story) by Dariel Raye 

When the key witness in a high profile trial needs protection, “human taser” Special Agent Serafina Torres is put on protective detail. But when said witness is a vampire and those in the spotlight are anti-preternatural activists, how could it possibly go smoothly?

“Personal Responsibility” (An Adelheid Story) by Mia Darien

Quinn Carson’s unique ability lands her in a heap of trouble when she overhears something she shouldn’t. Enter Daniel Cain and his unusual special forces team of telepaths, hell bent on bringing down the supernatural trafficking ring she stumbled upon. Drawn to Cain despite her better judgement, Quinn decides to help, risking her own life–yet again. But will this become a case of no good deed goes unpunished?

“Psyched” (A Legendary Consultants Story) by Abigail Owen

Kamry is keeping a low profile in her new life, keeping the old one as far behind her as possible, but nothing ever goes as expected. She gets help in an unexpected place to learn how to keep her past at bay, while also getting a step up into her future.

“Kamry’s Hope” by Crystal G. Smith

When Jesse’s husband is injured and in a coma following a car crash, she will stop at nothing to bring him back to her. Even Odin himself won’t stand in her way as she confronts the very gods to save the man she loves.

“An Act of Love” by Kat Jameson

How does a Lakota young woman find her way back to the reservation? With the help of a new friend, and some very ancient spirits.

“Windsong” by Christi Rigby

A soldier keeps vigil in front of a city center church. Nyx, the primordial goddess of night, stalks the shadows of the same town, craving worship. And a beautiful young woman uncovers the truth behind the powerful mother she never knew.

“The Will of Nyx” by Jessica Nicholls

Here is a link to ‘Good Things’ on Amazon.  It will be available for kindle as well as paperback after August 18th.

Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Good-Things-Urban-Fantasy-Anthology/dp/1535202564/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1471377847&sr=8-2&keywords=Good+Things+Mia+Darien

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Good-Things-Urban-Fantasy-Anthology-ebook/dp/B01HYA2XI0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1471377847&sr=8-1&keywords=Good+Things+Mia+Darien#nav-subnav

The world in The Will of Nyx is taken from another story I wrote, entitled Into the Arms of Morpheus.  It’s set in Manchester, England.  As far as cities go, Manchester is the one I know best. I went to university there, and lived in the greater Manchester area for ten years.   I still go back and visit due to having family and friends in the region.

Nyx, (The goddess of night) and Morpheus (The god of dreams), are two of the Greek deities taking part in the story.   Most folks into mythology would agree that greek gods and goddesses can be a little on the selfish side.  It isn’t in their nature to exhibit ‘kindness’.   They are forceful beings looking for pleasure and/or yet more influence.

When Into The Arms of Morpheus was released Nyx, in particular, was described as ‘arrogant’ and ‘fierce’.  She has a bit of an ego problem.  What with the obsessive desire to be worshipped and all.  I hope you find my version of her interesting.

As far as the mortal characters are concerned, all too often, bad things happen to good people.  Simple, innocent folks who just want their own small slice of happiness.  Then the likes of Nyx and Morpheus come along and take an interest in them.  Awww…

I do my best to write what I would fancy reading.  I’m a sucker for tales of decent people who find themselves at the mercy of far more powerful and volatile forces.

All in good fun of course.

I hope you enjoy my story.  If not, there are nine others by some quality writers.  At any rate, it’s for a good cause.

Happy reading everyone!

By jmnauthor3000

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