My Halloween Obsession


Hello.  My name is Jessica and I am obsessed with Halloween.  I love pumpkins.  I love witch’s hats.  I love skulls.  I love candles.   I love dressing up in a manner completely unfit for the other 364 days of the year.  As a child I adored trick or treating as much as Christmas morning.

But Halloween meant something more to me from an early age.  It spoke to me on a level that went beyond candy, pumpkins and cool costumes.

I love the concept of opening one’s self up to a wider and wiser world.  The thought of being able to step outside of your immediate experience and surroundings.  The idea that, just for one or two nights, our limitations can be removed.  And the great beyond can reach through to touch us.

Not in a weird way though.  Also, general eeriness and spookiness I dig.  But sadistic cruelty, not so much.  This I don’t like.

I love Halloween.  Not horror movies.  No offense intended to those who are a fan of the genre.  I am not a fan of gory, violent slasher flicks depicting demented, cruel ways of ending life.  THAT side of things I don’t like to cast my eyes over during this sacred time. Know why?

Because there are dark, violent forces out there in the greater universe.  They mainly go by the names of fear, greed and hatred…but these demons have many other forms.  They can and have brought horror movies to life.  For example, the Holocaust and other acts of genocide.  The slave trade.  Modern human trafficking.  Terrorism.  Hate crimes against those of different sexual orientations or races or faiths.  War.

Hate=bad.  Love=good.  Yet this is a concept folks struggle with….

As our world ages, evil takes different forms.  It’s clever.  It even understands the value of subtlety.   It knows how to disguise itself and play tricks.  A true knowledge of what is genuinely ‘of the dark side’ and what is not is a challenge for us all.

Seeing behind masks of righteousness, hearing beyond charmed words, feeling beyond the anger within our heart,(a very difficult task indeed), are skills that take effort to hone. To taste sugar-coated bitterness and know it’s far better not to ingest it.  You get the idea, sniffing out evil’s tricks that would lead us to a path, unfit for a loving, caring person.

I believe in the other side.  I believe there are good and bad energies that we can encourage depending on what resides within us.  Yeah…I’m into all that.

So, the whole notion of the autumnal time of year being when the veil between the living and the dead or rather between our mortal world and the world of the beyond is temporarily lifted, I find quite beautiful.

It proves something in my heart every year.  We are not limited by what mean-spirited people would say about us because they have a twisted view of how we live our life.  We aren’t limited to the sorrows of our time.  We aren’t owned by grief.   We aren’t alone.

For me it’s about accepting the world beyond myself, my past and current situation.

Accepting the world beyond this one in which we draw breath.

I am a limited, terribly flawed person.  But I know in my heart that in the great beyond I’m loved.  Out there beyond the veil.  It comforts me and I’m not ashamed of that.

What I’m saying is this, that you shouldn’t be afraid of something just because it’s from outside your realm.

But you should be wary of what’s hurtful and dangerous.  Hate, fear and anger don’t manifest unless they are invited.  And keeping your heart closed to them is a formidable challenge.

The veil fades soon.  Don’t invite them.  Their true forms are terrifying.

Happy Halloween.

By jmnauthor3000

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