Charities, Love, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and History. And Turkeys…


Mia Darien has been in touch again.  The romance anthology Amor Vincit Omnia is going to be re-released.  There will be a Facebook party for the re-release between December 12-13th.  So, bring your beverage of choice, (mine is made from grapes), some glitter, a party hat and get ready to celebrate noble characters, hidden beauty and love conquering all.

Another item for update is that Mia is arranging a new short story anthology.  Guess what! It’s for charity, namely ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).  The genres of the stories will be sci-fi, fantasy or dystopian.  It’s looking like a January release for this project.  However an exact date is yet to be set in stone.

Regarding my historical romance with a paranormal twist manuscript.  Yeah…that one.

I am nearly finished with the second draft.  I say nearly because…this is historical and I’ve got to sort something before typing ‘The End’.  It’s set in roughly four different historical periods and two different countries (actually, three if you are counting changing national borders).  And the timing of things I have right towards the end needs altering a little bit.

There will be charming Old World villages, there will be immigrants, there will be vast American prairies, there will be love.  And more.  I do have wonderful relatives and other author friends who are beta reading for me.  Their response has been positive so I’m excited about this project.

The community of folks who hold the knowledge of the relevant group portrayed in this tale has been particularly supportive.  I hope something comes of this work, but even if it doesn’t, I am so honored and thankful to have been able to learn from them.

I’ve still to go back and tweak my earlier chapters, write one chapter about young love at a festival in old Austria-Hungary and then I am just about ready to go bug Mia for some serious editing.

Then you can read it.  Yes, it’s taken a while.  I’m not Philippa Gregory okay?

How long before it’s available for all?   I am honesty scared to predict. Let’s hope nothing happens in the next few weeks that means endless cooking and kids being home and shopping and preparations and possibly travel.  Oh. Crap.  I’m not going to lie.  It might not be this year.  But it is going to surface before the buds fully bloom in temperate climates.

If I get a moment before the big holidays hit I will compose a history article for the next blog post regarding some of my research.  I love history.  It’s become like a companion to me over the last couple of years.

But let’s look to the future and hope that 2017 will be a wonderful year for all.  Happy Thanksgiving all 🙂

By jmnauthor3000

Sparing No One. Not Even Myself.


I’m trying to write my novel but with November 8th nearing I am starting to lose focus.  I know we all feel the same way.  It’s maddening.  I just want to crawl into a hole with a bottle of white wine and stay there until this all blows over.

Am I going to vote?  Yes.  Am I going to rant right now regarding why I’m voting for who I’m voting for and why everyone who is voting for the other person is an idiot? No. I’m not.  I won’t rant.

At this point, we have all made up our mind.  Telling people they are stupid for believing a certain way only makes them belligerent.  It makes them hostile and stubborn.  It causes them to search for incredibly biased yet well worded or craftily filmed sources of information so that they can self-soothe and bask in self-righteousness.  I include myself in this by the way.

I have been guilty of it when feeling wound up after reading a political Facebook post I whole heartedly disagree with.   I’ve honestly thought, ‘are they crazy?  They cannot be serious!!!’ Then I’ve thought ‘Do we really need this on Facebook?  Is this necessary?’  Then I’ve thought…‘Well…people do have a right to their opinions.  But still…’   Like I said, it’s maddening.

Words spoken or nowadays, ‘shared’ in the heat of passion are dangerous.  Yet political propaganda has wormed its way into our communal online photo and status sharing.  And oh boy are we eager little fish.  Again, I include myself in this.

Propaganda is dreadfully powerful thing.  Its purpose is to incite intense emotions.

Like telling people that an entire ethnic group or faith or people of a different sexual orientation are all out to get them and destroy their way of life incites great fear.

Example?  Like telling them that all Christian Americans are racist idiots.  What good does that do?   Who does that comment help?  Answer?  Your ego.  Admit it, it feels good.  When you’ve had a few bad experiences with evangelical types who have been a bit pushy with their beliefs.  Again, I include myself in this.  But they have a right to find solace in their faith.  Jesus loved and loves everyone.  Everyone.  So should we round up all the Christians and put them away?  No.  Should we emotionally bully them into believing that their faith is completely wrong?  No.

Example?  Like telling folks that all transgender people want to go into public toilets and abuse your children.  Who does that comment help?  Answer?  Your ego.  Because you really don’t understand the concept of someone being born a gender they do not identify with.   You automatically associate it with the worst sort of sexual perversion.  It’s a concept that I struggled with when I was first made aware of it.  I was born female and even though I am not entirely ‘girly’ I cannot imagine wanting to have a medical procedure that would make me male.  But do I assume they want to abuse my kids?  No.  Do I think they pose a danger to myself or my family?  No.  Should we round them all up and put them away?  Or bully them into denying who they are? No.

Are there reasons to fear other human beings?  Yes.  Of course.  Some people are really not okay.   Evil does not discriminate when it chooses the ones who would do its bidding.  Though it knows how to play the hate card very, very well.  It knows how to play the religion and politics card.  How perfect – to use the very institutions that were put in place to encourage morality and togetherness.  Target them and use them as powerful tools to drive people apart.  Take sensitive issues and commence with intense imagery and aggressive wording.

Distribute the propaganda and hey presto!

You have hatred and dissent, even amongst families.

These days, I’m a fan of the following sentiment,  ‘An it harm none, do what ye will.’  That is incredibly difficult to live by.  We can cause harm and hurt so very easily.  We can be swallowed by dangerous mindsets before we even fully comprehend what we’ve subscribed to.  We are all a bit more emotionally delicate than we would like to admit.  I know I am.  It really gets to me when someone tells me I’m stupid and wrong.

It almost makes me want to scour the internet for clever articles and images that will make me feel better.  Oh the blind self-righteousness…drink it in.

And I am not even getting into violence and wars fueled by propaganda.  This is where conflict starts.  With hurt feelings and insecurity.  It’s shocking how terrified some people are of being wrong.

I love my family and friends even though I don’t always agree with their politics. I still love them. Even after the Facebook posts.  I always will.  And I know they feel the same about me.

God Bless.  And God Bless the Chicago Cubs.  Amen.  Blessed Be.  Namaste.

By jmnauthor3000