The New Moon


So, it’s Halloween season…and tonight is the new moon.

I am not alone in loving this time of year.  I always have.  I have many wonderful memories of carving pumpkins, dressing up, eating too much candy, feeling good with people, getting far too drunk,(wine and vodka are the ‘candy’ of my adulthood and yes, I do need to cut down),  reveling in all the seasonal decoration and frivolity.

Escaping reality and delving into a little world of fantasy and folklore for a night is just a ton of fun.

I also have crappy memories, disappointments with people I thought cared about me, feelings related to being left out, misunderstood and more than a few recollections of god awful hangovers.

This year, things are different.

It’s a drizzly, chilly day here in England.  The news is dire, depressing as usual.   The weather has been weird this week, oddly warm then back to cold and drizzly.   Mother Nature has wreaked havoc over the past months.  And that’s nothing to make light of or use for some clever anecdote.  That’s just worrying and a sign that something isn’t right. People have died and are suffering greatly.

Music on my favorite radio station is dystopian and fatalistic, bemoaning the instant gratification culture of our generation, yet resenting the ones who came before.

It really couldn’t get much darker.  Hence it’s very apt that it is the time of the new moon, time to accept the darkness and the void, to release things you don’t need and prepare yourself for the new.

If you are into spiritual paths, manifesting and all that stuff, this is the time to light candles, meditate and visualize.

I feel held back by something and I need to let it go.  There is a lot of talk about ‘making things great again’, going back to a past where the future was brighter, the present was more enjoyable and there just wasn’t so much polarization and dread in the world.

For some at least.

I don’t believe this is just an American discussion.  Like it or not, wherever you live, you affect the world and it affects you.

Such is the price for international trade and commerce, military interventions past and present,  the internet, social media and generally being a living creature on this earth.  Us mortals are not so easily defined by boundaries and carefully constructed national narratives.

Yes of course you can still be American or British (or both) or European or German (hence both) or African or Kenyan (hence, both) or Asian or Chinese (hence, both) or perhaps you are American or British (or both) and you carry a bit of everything in your blood and background.   No offence to Canadians, Australians, Brazilians, Indians etc….but we’d be all day listing the world’s nationalities, geographic locations and ethnic backgrounds.

What I’m saying is, no one is going to steal anyone’s heritage or history.

But we can’t escape our humanity.  It will always be there.

Whether or not it is acknowledged is another thing.

We all exist, we’re all here.   Yes you might be as Caucasian as they come having grown up near a small town in Iowa where your family lived on the same farm for generations.  And yes, you have a voice, you draw breath.  You are here, you have a story and I’m sure it’s very interesting.

We are all one of many.  Hence we can’t only stick to one way of looking at things.

Swallowing any story as long as it serves an agenda is immature, unenlightened and tragic.

It sucks.  Long as it makes you feel better as a person and it vindicates you from any responsibility towards your fellow human beings, you’ll go along with it, blind and trusting like a morally underdeveloped child knowing he/she is going to get a piece of cake at the end of the deal.

Or a bit of money.  How sad.

We have a lot to learn from the past.  We can’t deny it existed.  We also can’t look at it with any slanted, agenda driven political motive.  We can’t look to the past to define us.

That’s dangerous and frankly, quite ignorant.

We can’t pretend that the history tied to our own story is more relevant than the one tied to someone very different from us.   We’re all here, now in the present.

History, they say, belongs to the victors.  Perhaps…but the ‘victors’ are now dead too.  Maybe their death monuments are grander than history’s ‘losers’.   But how long will that last?

Eventually, stone also crumbles.

It’s new moon, don’t use the past to make things better.   I want to be a better person, to look ahead.  Try to find a better, more compassionate way.

It’s ALWAYS better not to turn a blind eye to the cruel, immoral behavior of others, even if it would benefit you if you did.

It’s terrifying to imagine the huge void of risk, responsibility and the unknown.  But this whole ‘F the future the past was better let’s go back to that’…it won’t work.

It isn’t that I don’t love a good 80s disco.  That’s fine.  But…

Better to look to the challenging void, then to glorify some past riddled with injustices and mistakes that though they didn’t haunt us then…

They do now.

I release all that holds me back with the new moon.

Blessed Be.


By jmnauthor3000

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