Current Titles


My current available for purchase work is on Amazon.  I have an author’s page.  If you fancy reading something a bit deep and dark…kind of weird…I’m your girl.  Or your grown woman writer who is obsessed with ghosts, vampires, Morpheus, romance and history.

A lot of the short story collections I contributed to, such as Here Kitty Kitty, Reaching Out, Bellator, Good Things, Amor Vincit Omnia and Ashes to Sunrise are for charity.  So, if you think my writing sucks don’t worry you aren’t giving me a penny.  You are paying Amazon and a worthy cause (different ones for each collections).  And the other authors are pretty good.

If you do like my writing and you don’t mind paying me for it, I recommend the collections Born by Blood or The Eve on Which the Veil Fades.  They revolve around Halloween (my favourite holiday), but are fun at any time of the year.

Into the Arms of Morpheus was my first work.  Personally I think I’ve grown since then, but I’m still proud of it.  If you’re open to a dreamlike atmosphere and a bit of intensity and you are interested in lesser known Greek deities….give it a try.  See below for the link to my author’s page.  I have one in the UK too, btw :).


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