Currently #amwriting


I am currently querying for a paranormal romance entitled In Love With the Past.  I have had four rejections out of around twelve queries.  It’s time to query again…*deep self-indulgent sigh*….

However, I’m considering re-writing the beginning as that is probably the weakest part of the story.  This is awkward as most agents only want to read the beginning and if it doesn’t enthrall them from the first few sentences and it isn’t on their list of things they want to sell, you get a polite rejection letter.

Or bleak silence because you and your writing are meaningless.

Just kidding.  Maybe I should just jazz it up a bit.  Or maybe I should get real and accept that I have to have like, 100 rejections before I start being a cry baby about it.

I entered the Evesham short story contest last month.  My story was inspired by Lady Godiva and ‘Peeping Tom’.   Maybe I’ll get short listed.

Or maybe I’ll offend everyone in Coventry.

Just kidding, there’s literally nothing offensive in my story about a specific place and I have zero beef with Coventry.  If I was going to offend a place, I’d choose….

Nope.  I’m too nice.  That’s why I make people up who do the horrible things I can’t because I’m spineless.

Regarding ongoing manuscripts or my, WIP I am working on a dystopian romance.  I recently had quite a few details about it on here but I’ve thought better of giving away my plot ideas.  Seeing as there so many visitors to this blog who either want to give me a publishing deal or steal my ideas.

Just kidding.   It’s just that I’ve written this story, rewrote it, lost it then re-wrote it again.  Somewhere in between that my kid spilled juice all over my computer, thus destroying my MacBook.  Despite the knowledge of several YouTubers, it died.

I hate orange cordial.

Just kidding, it’s okay.  Black currant is better though. And I have a new lap top because I am a privileged, Western jerk.

Anyway…I have paper everywhere with what is essentially an outline and I have around 35,000 typed out words with like chapters and characters and stuff.

I’ve been told I have the handwriting of a murderer.  I’m not one though.  I’m like, really really nice.  More of a nurturer really.  I’m an introverted, obsessive, over-sensitive nurturer.

I also drink and tweet occasionally.  I like to have a good time.

Anyway…I can see the story as a whole now and it’s coming to life.  As with most dystopian stories, it began with concepts involving culture and politics.  As with all romance stories,  it began with the idea of two people from different sides of the fence falling in love.

Also I liked the idea of a pastor falling in love with an ex porn star.  There really aren’t enough books about that.  I believe there are some but not hardly enough.

Come on writers, let’s do this thing….

I write the odd bit of dark poetry and prose too.  I usually post it on here.

Unless it sucks.