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I’ve recently finished my historical romance with paranormal elements. Or rather, it’s a paranormal romance with historical elements. The title is In Love With The Past.  The first chapter takes place on a recently refurbished historic homestead in present day North Dakota.  The main character is carving a pumpkin on Halloween, when she senses a presence behind her.   Then the story moves back to early nineteen hundreds Eastern Europe, in a predominantly German speaking Catholic village. There, young love is blossoming yet is ill fated.   Class snobbery and economics are against the young lovers. The couple have the support of two dear friends who are successful in being together and emigrating to America. A modern day love story and the ghosts, victims of a forgotten tragedy collide as the events between 1902 and present day are played out. There’s a creepy cellar, a howling prairie, jealousy, family drama, manipulation, seasonal sweat shirts and Nazis.

I feel that this story has more of a shot at success in traditional publishing than Into the Arms of Morpheus did.   So, I’m beginning the research of how to query. It’s a daunting and realistically, quite painful process. It’s time to prepare for rejection and silence. I’m finding it so daunting in fact, that I’ve found an activity to busy myself with in order to procrastinate. I’m writing Vampire stories for Halloween, which I think I will release via indie publishing and promote alongside last year’s The Eve on Which the Veil Fades.  Yet I’ll get to that in a moment.   I am going to request the editing services of Mia Darien for In Love With the Past.  It’s a bit of an investment but I think it’s worth it as she’s reasonable and I trust her with my work. And I would honestly rather my manuscript was mistake free and pretty as can be before I submit it to an agent or publisher. That’s one of the many daunting, intimidating requirements of the querying, the whole ‘this better be damned good and error free if I’m looking at it’ thing.

Back to my Vampire stories. I’ve always wanted to write a Vampire story.  I was put off due to the abundance of them out there. And the rather silly paranoid self conscious self obsessed fear that I would be just another ‘housewife’ type having a crack at paranormal romance.   Then I decided to be a big girl, just own it and yes, I’ve written a short story that revolves around the birth of my lady vampire.   I like to think I’m balancing well enough between metaphor for chastity, bloated corpse stalking horror and naughty blood dripping erotica. Self control, intense attraction, gut wrenching fear and compulsion to do wicked things aren’t aspects a writer can avoid when making use of the vampire myth…but I think I can make this my own. Early days yet.

My other novel length manuscript, which I’ve lost once and rewritten twice then lost again but thank God a writer friend who beta read it saved it for me is still alive. It’s on my to do list once I get my polished manuscript and perfect *sniggers at self* query letter circulating. That’s a dystopian love story revolving around two characters from opposite sides of the fictional ‘future’ world. I do question whether it has to be a fictional future. Can’t it just be a fictional world? Anyway…. The young lady, comes from an anti-technology anti-internet staunchly religious isolated community. Yet she fled it as a child when violent zealots attacked and killed most people in her small town and she was adopted as a refugee by a kindly actress, eventually trained to become a journalist. The young man comes from a prestigious entertainment industry background. He fled his family country estate when religious, non celebrity peasant types looted it.   There’s the usual corrupt tyrannical types at the top. There’s also a new settlement in a ‘reclaimed’ rural area of ex porn stars who want to start their own agricultural communities, free of the stigma of their ex profession. To be honest, I’m surprised I started writing this story as I never really liked dystopian work. It generally depresses the heck out of me.   This manuscript is still a work in progress and due to its length, requires some serious time and attention.   I did get decent feedback from someone who beta read it for me though.  Yay.

That’s it for now…guess I’d better start drafting a query letter then. After I re-read In Love With the Past fixing any typos before submitting it to Mia who will clean it up for me anyway. After I submit it to a carefully chosen agent or publishing house. After I work on what happens to my European lady peasant vampire after she wakes up and acknowledges her thirst for human blood. Then I’ll draft. Then I’ll get to work on my dystopian thing with the celebrities and ex porn star farmers. I think they had an apple orchard or something….