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I’m on Goodreads, but I really don’t update it that often…

Another way to figure out what I’m doing reading wise is by heading to my twitter feed and searching #amreading.  You might find stuff like, Jesse S. Smith’s Rise of the Pagans (I finished it) and Paul Koshik’s Blood Black (which is ongoing…).  Both interesting and deserve their own post and eventually a review on almighty Amazon or Goodreads….but I have time constraints and constraints of people who get sick of me always reading or being on my computer.

I am currently reading When Rabbit Howls by Truddi Chase.  This is for research purposes as I’m helping a friend re-write a project involving dissociative personality disorder.

It’s a very tragic read, but there’s some hope as she got to understand what happened to her and how none of it was her fault.   If you can’t cope with tales of traumatic child abuse, stay clear of this one.

Some people should not be around children.  Like, ever.

That’s probably my only ‘active’ read right now.  I’m really good at downloading stuff and not reading it.

If I want to be indulgent I’ll read Tina Folsom.  She writes cheeky vampire love stories.  Good stuff.

If I’m trying to be good I have a crack at Albion’s Seed:  Four British Folkways in America by David Hackett Fisher.  I’ve read the section on Puritans coming from East Anglia and settling New England.  They got wasted at funerals apparently.  Also, they were really into getting it on and procreating within the confines of marriage.  Any naughty stuff outside though (or between same-sex people) was considered sinful and forbidden.  Boring old Puritans.

I started reading the section about parallels between the south of England with the southern American colonies and how a few of those settlers were third or fourth born children of aristocratic families. This sort of thing helped shape certain regional culture despite the fact that not many Americans today claim more than a small bit of British blood.  I’m 9% btw.  My lot were Puritan types who settled colonial New York.

But they eventually moved to the Midwest and got more into the born again thing which destroyed my dreams of growing up in a charming small town in upstate New York and having a different regional accent and tracing my heritage back to Norwich and finding long lost cousins who I need to inherit some haunted cottage from.

Just kidding.  Growing up in the Upper Midwest was fine and I’m not after a haunted cottage in East Anglia.

Anyway, you get the idea about the book.   There’s a bit on Quakers and back country people too but I’m not there yet.  Sometimes I really do just want a cheeky vampire story.  Or a girl next door type falling in love with a Greek god.

I don’t write ’em like that but I sure as hell read the crap out of them on occasion.

On the old Netflix, whenever my kids and other half aren’t around I’ll watch a show in Turkish (subtitled, I don’t speak Turkish) called Resurrection about a guy called Ertugrul.  It’s pretty cool.  Scheming, sword fights…Turkish people.

My family knows to leave me alone when I’m watching ‘My Turkish show’.

On YouTube I generally watch ASMR videos because I do experience Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  For those of you that don’t know it refers to a tingling sensation at the back of your scalp that you experience maybe when someone plays with your hair or does your makeup or taps on glass.  It’s intense, relaxing and weird.  Also a natural sleep aid.  Completely non-sexual btw.

I love it.

My favorites are GentleWhispering, Olivia’s Kissper, Pandora ASMR and Lune Innate.





2 comments on “#amreading #amwatching #Netflix #Youtube

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  2. Your reading tastes are really interesting. Sounds like you’re really growing as a reader and as a person. We enjoy all your writings so far. Keep it up.
    Love, Mom

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